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Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail

Follow the magical Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail

We all love to holiday in Brunswick Heads, because it is simply beautiful, and it's a gentle soothing place far from the rat race. Fairies love to come here too, some to live, and some to holiday in Airy Fairy B and B's. If you would like to see their fairy houses, follow the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail.

What is a fairy trail?
There are a number of lovely little fairy houses tucked into interesting locations around Brunswick Heads. They are not placed in obvious places so that the surprise and joy in discovering them is maximised. There is a clue sheet available at The Visitors Centre to guide you to explore the Fairy Trail, or download it from the link below. This is a delightful and FREE activity for the whole family.

The fairy houses are beautiful sculptures made of recycled and found objects and each fairy house is occupied by a fairy that carries a positive message about living simply, being kind, being loving, and protecting nature. There are small signs next to the fairy dwellings that carry the positive messages.

There are no depictions of fairies, elves, pixies etc, as this limits children's' imagination - we all imagine fairies differently, and how we see them is all our own.

The aims of the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail are to:

  • create positive joyous feelings in people of all ages
  • stimulate children to use their imaginations
  • increase people's connection to the natural world
  • reinforce the message that you can gain great joy from simple pleasures

The fairy trail is mysteriously maintained by "the fairy grandmother" who shall remain nameless.

The fairy trail sometimes gets disturbed by possums, strong winds or naughty pixies....if you see anything that looks like it needs fixing, please call or text 0428 284 030 and let the fairy grandmother know so that she can go and make repairs. She would also love to receive any curious and interesting things that she could use to make more airy fairy B & B's.

Read about the Brunz fairies, on Facebook:

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

Download the Fairy Trail Clue Sheet below:

Of all the things to do in Brunswick Heads, the Fairy Trail is the most magical. A fun and free activity for families with younger children, and visitors who are young at heart. Be sure to collect your clue sheet from the Visitor Centre or download it from this page.

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