Gym on the Run

Gym on the Run
Gym on the Run at Brunswick Heads

Driving ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results!

The program

The program begins with a Basic Fitness Assessment.  This allows your instructors to not only judge your current strengths and weaknesses, but to place you into groups with other recruits of an equivalent fitness level to yourself. By placing you into these groups, your sergeant and corporalcan ensure that you are continually challenged, without asking more of you then you are physically able.

As the program progresses, each session increases in intensity, in order to ensure that you are constantly improving. Gym on the Run is definitely no walk in the park, but we guarantee that it achieve serious results, seriously fast, and you will have so much fun along the way.

Whether you are an elite athlete, or a soon to be ex-couch potato, this program has been scientifically design to achieve maximum results, in the minimum amount of time.

Want to get ready for summer?

Get your body in the best shape of your life.  Bootcamp is the fastest way to get your summer body ready for the beach and Gym on the Run is the leader in bootcamp fitness. 

Three days a week for four weeks is your challenge. So don’t wait till summer, get your body into boot camp with Gym on the Run. Sessions are conducted 6-7am

Brunswick Heads Surf Club, on the beach and in the nearby parks.

Your instructor
Rick Newman
m: 0466 907 276


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