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Delightful old fashioned fun at the 2013 Old and Gold Festival.

Horse & Carriage

Fairbrooke Horses and Carriages

Fairbrooke Horses and Carriages were a huge hit at the 2013 Old & Gold Festival.  Clydesdale 'Charlie' charmed the children who lined up to feed him apples and pat his nose throughout the day!

'Fairbrooke Horses and Carriages" are the passion of Ross Porter, a semi retired model-maker from Sydney. Ross has decided that these magnificent horses and carriages should now be accessible to everyone that has a interest in the romance of this almost forgotten era. Ross tells many stories of the joy that is had when encountering these splendid animals “whether it’s a family of young children or the grandfather that remembers driving horses just like these boys, everybody is delighted after their carriage ride experience.”

Fairbrooke Horses and Carriages are committed to keeping the old world way of life accessible to all in today's fast paced society.

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