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Matthew Denehy, the Managing Director of Oracle Group Australia, grew up in Lismore before moving to Ocean Shores. His insurance brokerage business moved into Brunswick Heads – just behind the post office – before it grew too big and moved into Byron and then being sold. 

He then started a new firm, Agile Insurance Advice, and recently merged it into a larger national company called Oracle Group.

Recently, Matthew was asked by the Oracle Board of Directors to take on the position of Managing Director. Whilst he can no longer be personally be in touch with every client, Matthew has always ensured that he stay close to his clients, beliveing that it is the values and culture that you build into a business that drives the end results. One of those values is supporting communities, as they play an important part in the development of people and ultimately in businesses.

Matthew was the President of the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce for two years, serving a total of six years on the Executive. During that time, the Chamber introduced Corporate Sponsorships. It is therefore fitting that he is now, once again, a Corporate Sponsor of the Chamber.  If you give give Oracle Group the opportunity to provide a quote for your insurances, they will do one of two things:  

  1. Qualify that you have the best quote in the market; or
  2. Quantify that we have a better quote, or better terms and conditions

Either way you are a winner.   So you are encouraged to contact our office, speak to any one of our team and ask for a quote. Let them know that you are connected with the Brunswick Heads Chamber. Then sit back and let Oracle do the work for you so you can get on with your life and business.

Note: Oracle Group rebranded in July 2019, including a new logo.

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