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Brunswick Business Snapshot


During the 1990's the town of Brunswick Heads experienced a significant downturn, with 13 empty shops in 1997. In 1999 a Community and Economic Development Strategy was developed by the Chamber of Commerce and implemented over the next four years.  A combination of factors, including the town bypass, the 1997-1998 Sense of Place Project, implementation of the 1999-2003 Community Economic Development Plan, the Chinderah to Yelgun highway upgrade, the seachange phenomenon and ongoing assistance from the Department of State and Regional Development, all contributed to considerable economic revitalisation by 2003. 

Brunswick Heads Business Survey 2015

Brunswick Business Snapshot

The Fifth Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Survey was  undertaken by the Brunswick Heads Chamber in November 2015. The Survey is is one of the many initiatives undertaken every three years by the 90 strong member based Chamber. The BRE Report provides the business community with invaluable data for application in the past, present and future. The full Survey can be purchased for $10.00. Email

Thank you to our sponsors this year, Nortec, Tursa, Eagle Insurance, the Echo and Hotel Brunswick.

Business Retention and Expansion Survey 2012

The fourth Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Survey was conducted inhouse during September-November 2012.  This survey is one of the many economic development initiatives undertaken by the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce every three years.

The 2012 BRE Report provides the business community with invaluable data for application in the past, present and future.

Business Retention and Expansion Survey 2009

Brunswick Business Snapshot

The third Business Survey was conducted in October/November 2009.

Pieter Verasdonck, from Industry and Investment NSW, launched the findings of the 2009 BRE Survey at a presentation on Wed 9th December 2009 held at the Hotel Brunswick. The BRE survey was jointly funded by I&I NSW and the Chamber of Commerce and the launch was sponsored by Eagle insurance Brokers, the Hotel Brunswick and TURSA.


There were no great surprises this time, although the small increase in employment of 7.7% since 2006 was pleasing, especially with the global financial crisis and severe weather events causing businesses to tighten their belts considerable throughout 2009. The emergence of a new cluster of secondhand shops (there are now 11) is exciting as they complement the cluster of 23 eateries well.

10.4% of the businesses surveyed started up this year, bringing fresh new energy to town. The overall outlook is optimistic, with over 80% of businesses expected to expand in some way and offer more jobs in the next two years.

The wide range of services that the Chamber is currently offering also got the big tick to continue. The challenge will, of course, be to continue with the "Simple Pleasures" branding, the "buy local" initiatives, streetscaping, events and other projects on the smell of an oily rag, and with time challenged businesses.

More information
A summary of the 2009 findings can be downloaded here or is available at the Visitor Centre. The full 35 page Business Survey Report is available on request or can be viewed also at the Brunswick Heads Visitor Centre, 7 Park St, Brunswick Heads.

    Business Retention and Expansion Survey 2006

    In November 2006, soon after the introduction of the "Simple Pleasures" branding and marketing campaign, the second Dept State and Regional Development (now Dept Industry and Investment) Business Retention and Expansion  Survey was conducted by the Chamber of Commerce. Tourism was still the main industry and a strong cafe culture had developed. Job opportunities had increased.  A summary of findings can be downloaded here.

    Business Retention and Expansion Survey 2003

    The Business Survey of 2003 revealed a "cautiously optimistic" sentiment by business people, a reduction in the vacancy rate down to about 2% and an significant employment increase in the previous two years by 29.3%. Tourism related trading accounts for about half the overall trade, and day trippers and weekend visitation had increased quite significantly over the previous couple of years.

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